The mission of Sister’s Keepers is to create a shelter around our women and children during protests and to garner the necessary support for reform and social justice movements. We do this by unifying women across class, racial, age and other barriers to women’s ability to build collective power. We are seeking to ignite and liberate the collective voices of women in this plight for Justice.



We envision a community where women share equal opportunity while fighting for our society to embrace the idea of female leadership. We desire a community where the leadership of women is widely respected across-the-board. We envision a society where women are supportive, affirming and encouraging one another to rebuild and repair their lives.

As Sister’s Keepers we will build a community of Women for Women & Children that will assist  and educate in all areas of life.  Sister’s Keepers will focus on but, will not be limited to health, safety, financial planning, education, entrepreneurship, family planning, transitional housing and resources for advancement.

Our vision is to create a community of women who collectively build power both politically and economically. 
We are changing the narrative around woman empowerment and womanhood.



“I am my sister's keeper who keeps up with her sister”